How to make sure your squad looks dope for Kanye West.

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MY LOOK: Dress: LF Shoes: Nike Bag: Balenciaga Jewelry: Vintage (thanks mom & grandma)

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JADE’S LOOK: T-shirt: Vanilla Sky Slip Dress: Mango (mine refer to post “Get you a girl who can do both…shit really is so versatile.”) Shoes: Adidas Bag: Chanel Bracelet: Balenciga
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MEGAN’S LOOK: Jacket: Zara Top: Free People Shoes: Kendall & Kylie Shorts: First of Kind Levi’s Bag: Balenciaga
AMANDA’S LOOK: Two-Piece: LF Bag: Rebecca Minkoff Bracelet: Hermes
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SIGOURNEY’S LOOK: Body suit: Design Lab Shorts: LF Shoes: Steve Madden Bag: Rebecca Minkoff

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MADDI’S LOOK: Top: Generation Love Jeans: Genetic Denim Shoes: Comme de Garcons Sunglasses: Ray Ban Necklaces: Tiffany’s

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“Yeezus” our savior kicked off The Saint Pablo Tour the other night in Indianapolis, Indiana. Kanye’s tour is stopping at a ton of college towns so I figured people are going to SHOW OUT for good ole Ye. Much to my dismay Kim was not in attendance, but to be completely honest she doesn’t really strike me as a Middle America kinda betch.

The concert was dope but mid-show Kanye apologized for being an asshole in the past…he was basically like “I have kids now, so I am so sorry if I have ever offended you or your family.” While I appreciate the sentiment and the fact that he wants be a better man for his kids, I paid good money for him to be the self-centered, cocky, jerk he always has been. To quote Yeezy himself “I miss the old Kanye.”

Anyways lets get down to the most important part of attending a Kanye West concert….making sure you look absolutely sick. When discussing his song, “New Slaves” in an interview Kanye explained his view on fashion, “I’m talkin’ about us, the new slaves, the people who love fashion. I’m talking about us, you know? ‘Cause I’m a slave to it. I love it.” Like Kanye I’m a slave for fashion which my mom has tried to convince me for years is a bad thing (Sorry mom – yes every last penny will go to bags not other “necessities” like food and rent). If you’re in fashion bind like me you know that your Kanye concert outfit has to be unreal. Not that he’ll actually notice ANY of us but hey it’s the effort that counts people.

I’ve enlisted my best friends to show you how it’s done with a wide array of looks that I think will cater to everyone’s taste. I’m very lucky they agreed to do this because it entailed making them pose in the middle of a parking lot in Indianapolis. They know I am the most annoying person on the planet. However, they did it with a smile…..luv you bitches!!

When creating the perfect concert outfit you should channel some of the aesthetic of the artist or genre of music. For instance I guess it would be chic to wear a denim shirt and cowboy boots to see Keith Urban – however since I would never be caught dead in cowboy boots a country music concert would not be for me. Kanye is the definition of a fashion chameleon. He has gone from street style to athleisure to luxe all in the matter of a few years. Therefore it’s easy to channel one of the Kanye’s. My slip dress is a nod to Kim’s recent love of the trend worn with my Airforce Ones of course. Both Maddi and Sigourney have opted for athleisure because nobody does that trend better then Yeezy himself. Megan pays homage to Kanye’s ever present motorcycle jacket. She added the high flatforms to add a sexy flair. Nobody is a bigger self-promoter then Kanye – so Jade took it to a whole other level with the Kim and Kanye tee over a slip dress. Amanda’s brocade two-piece outfit is a take on the most modern of the Kanye looks – over the top “Balmain”.

It was a dope night…thanks again to my fabu friends for being the chicest muses!

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