Why Coco Chanel IS NOT rolling over in her grave.

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Have powder blue bag…find a powder blue building to match it.

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My Look:    Jacket: Vintage Chanel   Shirt: Forever 21   Shorts: Urban Outfitters   Shoes: Nike   Bag: Louis Vuitton   Sunglasses: Le Specs   Belt: Hermes   Short necklace: Vintage Chanel   Long Necklace: My grandma’s closet. 

“Money can’t buy taste” a little piece of advice from my brilliant mother. This line is absolutely true because in my opinion real style is the ability to make something look fabulous regardless of the price tag. Style isn’t always about labels or how much money you’ve dropped at Barney’s. Many people might look at fashion as something that isn’t an even playing field. But let me tell you something, you can be the dopest girl in the room in head to toe H&M. This is true even if you are next to some chick wearing head to toe designer because maybe she 1) couldn’t style herself 2) just could not pull of what she was wearing (i.e.: her Valentino Rock Studs were wearing her) or 3) her Givenchy was just plain ugly – I don’t care how much you spend on something if it’s heinous it’s heinous.

After doing four research projects on Coco Chanel (I’m not kidding, literally four projects for four different classes – like ask me anything about this woman I promise you I know the answer) I learned that she had a similar view when it comes to mixing high and low. Chanel would often be seen wearing piles of costume jewelry such as fake pearls, chains, beads, and glass…she thought that by buying a ton of costume jewelery rather than a few nice pieces you have endless possibilities when it comes to dressing up your outfits. “Costume jewelry is not made to give women an aura of wealth, but to make them beautiful.” -Coco Chanel. She saw the beauty in everything regardless of the price tag–which is what truly made her a style icon.

Inspired by Chanel herself I wanted to mix high and low. Many people would look at me like I am psycho because I chose to pair a vintage Chanel jacket with denim cutoffs, a cheap camisole, and Nike Air Force Ones but if you knew Coco like I know Coco you would know how much she would LUV this look.

I chose to mix this Vintage Chanel Jacket with a camisole (remember a camisole can change your look and your life) from Forever 20-Shitshow aka Forever 21. I call it Forever 20-Shitshow because honestly I break out into hives every time I am within a 10 mile radius of that store. Like honestly I think I give myself a pep-talk every time I walk in there because I know I will walk out with a great find or two but it takes a Herculean effort to get through all those racks. Now is my whole wardrobe Forever 21. Hell to the no! But I do honestly believe you can find some diamonds in the rough–absolutely. Basically my advice to you is put on your game face, put on some sensible footwear, don’t forget to breathe and dig through the racks. (Post on how to shop Forever 20-shitshow coming soon)


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